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hello and terve! Welcome to Naksu Design, a one-woman design studio, creating impactful and unique Brand Identities, Logos & Graphic Design Solutions for businesses and brands of all sizes.

design services

Graphic Design


Having high-quality designs is essential for your Business, both in digital and physical environments. Some of the magic I can create:

  • Branding

  • Social media & Advertising

  • Logo design

  • Publications and whitepapers

  • Event Branding

  • Posters and flyers



With custom-made Illustrations, it is easy to express your company’s message effectively. I create stylish, unique, and custom-designed Illustration fitting for every project.

  • Book and magazine illustrations

  • Wishing cards

  • Website illustrations

Ui Design


Impactful Mobile App and Website deserve a strong and beautiful Interface Element to make them stand out and feel cohesive. 

Creating various design elements such as:


  • Avatar illustrations

  • UI Icons and assets

  • Product icons

  • App branding

Portfolio: What I Do

Let the magic begin

If you are looking for a designer to boost your company's brand to another level, Naksu Design is here to make your dreams come true!


Please fill in the contact form and I will get in touch with you shortly, to schedule a coffee (virtual or real life) where we can go through your design wishes, project scope, and timeline.

Nana, Naksu Design

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Thank you very much for your interest! I will get in touch as soon as possible

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