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Talida Piano Studio - Learn Piano




Talida Piano Studio is based in Amsterdam and she teaches people of all ages (her youngest pupil is 4 years old), from complete beginners to advanced musicians.


She was looking to have a logo that matches her character as an artist and as a piano teacher.


Instead of designing only a logo, I advised her to have complete branding to truly make her brand unique that fit her company. Branding ( including, logo, brand colours, and business card design) was designed that matches her warm personality and reflect her strong experience as a teacher and pianist. Colours chosen were soft, yet classical earth tones, because of they create a calm yet harmonious feeling and during the design process it became important that they also link to classical music.

For logo it was important that design showcases the piano keys, yet they are not a copy of a common piano key logo.  Inspiration was to keep them minimal an play around with the shapes of the key and melody in music.

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