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Talking Insights Podcast: Image

Talking Insights Podcast - Logo and Social Media Collateral

Talking Insights is a Podcast that is powered by ESOMAR (Market Research Association). “Researchers work every day to understand the changing landscape around them - but what deeper insights can we find through their work that can help shape our future? Join ESOMAR on a journey of discovery, as we bring together guests from around the globe to explore the biggest questions of today, diving deeper into the challenges that face our society, and uncover new insights about the world around us.”

The assignment was to create a logo that emphasizes the power of research, innovation, discovery, and ideas shared in this podcast series. A simple one-line drawn light bulb was paired with an elegant serif typeface that gives it a sophisticated balance of playfulness yet keeping it serious. The logo had to work on multiple digital environments such as Social Media Campaigns, Podcast Platforms, Email Campaigns..

Talking Insights Podcast: Image
Podcast_RW Head image_3840x2560-2.jpg
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